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Death Information Form

Deceased Information

This form is an integral part of the death registration process, which attributes to the issue of the registered death certificate by the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages.

Following the burial or cremation our staff will lodge this alongside other relevant documents and within 21 days the registered death certificate will be issued.

What is the difference between doctors’ death certificate and the Registered death certificate?

The doctor issues a certificate indicating place and cause of death and this is known as the Medical Cause of Death Certificate.

This is then lodged with the Registry office alongside other documents, such as the Death information form and the registry cross checks all the documents to ultimately produce the Registered Death Certificate. This is the official legal document – one may say it’s like a birth certificate – only in reverse.

Death information Form Download and Print Or complete our online death registration form.

Why does BDM require this information?

This information is required by law, to verify the true identity of the deceased and to be used at a later date to notify all departments.

What if I am unsure on details?

Although, the questions are not too complicated there may be some doubt or inability to provide accurate information. In these instances, if sourcing documents or asking family and friends for clarification fails, it is best to answer with ‘unknown’. This information can always be included later via the provision of relevant documents direct to BDM.

Other FAQs

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