Funeral & Cremations Services to Suit all Budgets and Religions

Honor your loved one the special way they wanted, remember them as they wanted you to. Let us take care of the cremation plans in Sydney while you prepare the perfect memorial. Their favorite beach, mountain trail or river. Your options are endless when you choose  Sydney  Memorial Funerals & Cremations. Our low funeral and cremation cost  allow you to invest more in a quality memorial service full of love dignity and respect for your loved one. Let us help you find the perfect memorial for your loved one, as we have helped thousands of Sydney families achieve the perfect goodbye, explore the endless possibilities a Cremation Memorial can provide to you , your loved one family and friends* With a number of Options to suit every budget we can plan  a dignified and respectful way to prepare the perfect goodbye on your terms and timing. More importantly say good bye the way they would have wanted  you to.

SeA Farewell

Sydney Memorial Cremations offer many different cremations - Our Most popular is our Sea Farewell for $3000

This includes Cremation, Urns & Certificates.

Eco Farewells

Eco Farewells are a unique way to gather with friends and family and farewell a loved one in a unique & Environmentally conscious manner.

Eco Farewells Start from $3000

Life is best cherished where we remember it most

Pre Planning

We often do not think about our own mortality all that much, but we do think about those w emay leave behind who may have to struggle and strain to cover our funeral expenses.

Pre planning is a convenient way to make your sentiments known in regards to your funeral. You can preplan with no up front deposits or choose a monthly or fortnightly payment , or even pay it all upfront.

Designed for You

We strive to design the perfect packages. As much as we try and create varying packages, sometimes a specifically designed package works best.

We sit with you and design the perfect memorial service to suit all your needs.

To find out more, please contact one of our experienced directors to discuss all your wishes for a unique memorial service.

Travel with Ashes

All Ashes from our Affiliated crematorium can come with an export permit which you will need to travel interstate or internationally with the ashes.

Simply present the urn in customs if need be and present the letter.

It is generally required that ashes should be carried in your carry on bag for its own safety to avoid damage to the urn or ashes.

Affordable Cremation Cost

Transfer of Loved one Into our care


We will arrange for the transfer of your loved one from the place of their death into our care, ready for preparation of their cremation. Transfers from Hospital and Coroners are included in our packages.  A Transfer outside of business hours, From Home or a Nursing Home will incur a a surcharge (normal Business hours are 8:30 am To 4:30 Pm Mon to Fri)

Arrange all necessary documents


All cremations require documents to be filed and completed, we will take care of these once you have confirmed your service. All our packages include Death registration.  *For the Nil Service Package, If A Certified Death Certificate is required it will incur a cost of $99.00  please advise us upon booking if you require this service.

Preparation prior to cremation


Once your loved one is in our care in our mortuary, we will prepare your loved one for their cremation and transfer them to the crematorium  (during normal business hours) and return to you their ashes once the cremation is completed. This includes a dignified standard Heamedically sealed Urn.

Crematorium/ Coffin


Our affordable value cremation service Include cremation fees if using our Crematorium Service. Additional fees apply using Any NSW Cemetery Crematoriums.  Feel free to call and Find out all additional Fees.

Next Steps...

If you would like to find out more about what is involved in planning a services with our experienced and professional team, then please get in contact.

Download our Planning Guide

Our planning guide can help give you ideas for the perfect send off.

Click here to download planning guide.

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Cremations Create Memorials

Our focus its to help you and your family grieve at the same time find the will and way to celebrate the life of your loved one. Let us take care of the cremation so you have time to prepare a memorial service at your time and choosing. Our no Service, No Attendance cremation, provides families and loved ones, with the opportunity to conduct their own memorial service.We will take your loved one into our care arrange all the necessary requirements and lovingly return the ashes to you home

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