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1. “Scattering Ashes in a Memorial Garden”

Scattering ashes in a memorial garden is a beautiful and peaceful way to remember a loved one. Many funeral homes and crematoriums have memorial gardens on their grounds where families can scatter the ashes of their loved ones. These gardens are often landscaped with trees, flowers, and other greenery, making them a peaceful and serene place to remember those who have passed on. Some memorial gardens also offer plaques, markers, or other forms of memorialization for those who want to commemorate their loved one’s memory in a more permanent way.

Speak to your funeral director to discuss options for scattering at your local cemetery or memorial park.

If you would like to choose an alternative place for scattering of ashes, we can organize a scattering tube that assists in the scattering of ashes with ease. These tubes are specifically designed to make the scattering process easy, clean and without hassle.

2. “Turning Ashes into Jewellery or Keepsakes”

Turning ashes into jewellery or keepsakes is a unique and personal way to remember a loved one. There are many companies that offer services to turn cremated ashes into pendants, bracelets, or other forms of jewellery. This allows individuals to keep a small portion of their loved one’s ashes close to them at all times, creating a sense of comfort and connection. Additionally, some companies also offer services to turn ashes into glass art, sculptures, or other keepsakes, providing families with a tangible and beautiful way to remember their loved ones.

3. “Releasing Ashes into the Ocean or a Body of Water”Releasing ashes into the ocean or another body of water is a beautiful and symbolic way to remember a loved one. This option is often chosen by those who had a strong connection to the water or by families who want to create a peaceful and spiritual memorial. The act of scattering ashes on the water symbolizes the release of a loved one’s spirit into the infinite and the renewal of life. Some families also choose to hold a memorial service on a boat or in a location overlooking the water, making the act of releasing the ashes a meaningful and memorable event.

Have a look at our Eco Sea Farewell package which includes everything to plan the perfect send off at sea.

4. “Planting a Tree or Memorial Garden with Ashes”

Planting a tree or memorial garden with ashes is a meaningful and environmentally conscious way to remember a loved one. This option allows families to create a permanent memorial that can grow and change over time, representing the natural cycle of life and death. Some families choose to plant a tree or create a memorial garden in a location that was special to their loved one, such as a park, nature preserve, or their own backyard. This option also provides a place for families to visit and reflect on their loved one’s memory for years to come.

We have bio tree urns available, we can also arrange for ashes to separated in various containers to offer a bio urn to each loved one.

5. “Incorporating Ashes into a Work of Art”Incorporating ashes into a work of art is a unique and creative way to remember a loved one. This option allows individuals to turn their loved one’s ashes into a piece of art that can be displayed in their home or another location. Some artists offer services to turn ashes into paintings, sculptures, or other forms of art, allowing families to create a one-of-a-kind memorial. This option provides a way for families to celebrate their loved one’s life and creativity, and to keep their memory alive through a beautiful and meaningful work of art.

Have a look at Conscious Clay, who turn ashes into ceramic works of art.